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Bowling For Strikes Against Autism

SCRANTON — The Scranton school district hosted “Throwing Strikes Against Autism” at South Side Bowl on Saturday.

The event was held to raise money for iPads for autistic support classrooms.

Organizers say the turnout was better than expected.

The Easter bunny and RailRiders’ mascot even paid a visit to the children.

L&P Transportation donated two buses that picked up 80 children from low income developments in the city to attend the event.

Minooka Subaru paid for about 130 kids to bowl and Montage Mountain donated $1.00 per strike.

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Ministry Hosts First Annual Egg Hunt

SCOTT TOWNSHIP — Harmony Heart Camp in Lackawanna County held its first Easter egg hunt on Saturday.

The camp near Jermyn is now home to Camp Comanche Inc., which is a year-round program that helps disadvantaged children.

The event was free for all ages.

The camp also offered games, face painting, and balloon animals for those who attended.

Crews Battle Brush Fire in Moosic

MOOSIC BOROUGH — The fire department believes a brush fire in Lackawanna County may have been caused by a camp fire that was left unattended in the woods behind a building.

The fire started behind a holding lot for old and new vehicles owned by Manooka Subaru.

Crews were able to douse flames quickly but they say this is just the beginning of brush fire season so far it’s the biggest fire they’ve seen this year.

The department of conservation of natural resources was called in to help douse flames over head this afternoon.

Old tires and shrubs in the woods were put out within two hours by local departments.

Moosic’s department believes the fire may have started by a campfire in the woods.

The windy and warm weather was just the right mix to spark the blaze.

Parking Limited at Linden Garage in Scranton

SCRANTON — Parts of the Linden Street Garage will be closed due to loose concrete underneath an exit ramp in the garage in Scranton.

According to the Scranton Parking Authority, a 2 feet by 3 feet piece of concrete was loose and broke away.

Officials said due the Easter holiday,  an analysis to determine the extent of the problem will begin on Monday.

The parking garage will only have 90 parking spaces out of the total 777 spaces available at least until the assessment is complete in Lackawanna County.

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Making Pysanky Eggs

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