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More Job Cuts at Cinram | News

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More Job Cuts at Cinram

More than 300 workers will lose their jobs in Lackawanna County right before the holiday season.

At one time, Cinram was one of the largest employers in Lackawanna County, but its numbers are dwindling.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry was notified about 300 workers at the CD and DVD manufacturing plant in Olyphant will be unemployed come Friday, this after more than 250 were laid off at Cinram just a few months ago.

Some employees like Lisa Torch have worked for the company for decades. "Nineteen years and five months," said Lisa Torch, who has one day left as an employee. She is remaining positive. "It's an opportunity to do something better with my life and that's how I'm taking it, as an opportunity."

Local business owners said the layoffs will affect everyone.

"It's extremely unfortunate. A lot of people have families and they have to take care of themselves and no one wants to get laid off, especially around Christmas time," said Rick Sposto of Schooner's Pub. "We're only three-quarters of a mile away, obviously we get people coming in all the time. It's terrible. Most people that come here are good friends of mine, not just patrons. They're good friends and it's unfortunate they have to get laid off."

Cinram also laid off more than 250 employees in August. While the most recent cuts come so close to Christmas, most workers knew they were coming.

"Technology today, all this is inevitable so to speak," added Torch. "All part of corporate America."

Brian Mecca of nearby Wall Street Deli can relate.

"I actually worked there for a little over 22 years. I was a victim of a layoff there in March of 2009," said Brian Mecca, part-owner and general manager of Wall Street Deli.

The facility in Olyphant has only been owned by Cinram for about seven years, but it has been a manufacturing plant in the area for decades. Many people have some connection to the place and said it was unfortunate to hear about yet another round of layoffs.

"It was WEA Manufacturing before that and Specialty Records when I started there back in the 80s. The company's been here I believe, for about 50 years," added Mecca. "It hurts because when I first started there, there were 3,500 employees there."

"Specialty Records. I worked there, I worked there for 10 years. That's where we all started. When you got out of high school, you went to Specialty Records and it was just a phenomenal place. It really did give a lot of jobs to a lot of people in the area," said Lisa Yantorn, a stylist at nearby Plush Hair Design. "Lot of history there, lot of history."

"It's been an experience. Met some fantastic people, had some fantastic memories, and I'll take that with me," added Torch, who now plans to go back to school.

Earlier this year, Cinram officials said the cuts in August came after the company lost a major contract with Warner Home Movies.

Last month, Cinram announced an agreement to continue to manufacture and distribute recorded music products for Warner Music Group in the United States and around the world.

There is no word if that new agreement will have any affect on the Cinram plant in Olyphant.


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