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Williams Guilty, Gets Life in Prison | News

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Williams Guilty, Gets Life in Prison

A Lackawanna County judge Tuesday morning found an accused child killer guilty of first-degree murder.

After Judge Michael Barrasse found Darak Williams guilty of first-degree murder, Darak Williams exploded in the courtroom.

The outburst lasted only a few minutes, but Darak Williams voice was loud and very direct.

He screamed at the judge saying he never hurt three-year-old Kavannah Salvador, he was an innocent man.

He yelled to the judge, "You're going down. You're evil. I swear on my God you're going down."

In court, after the verdict was read Williams lashed out at judge Michael Barrasse.

"I am not an evil person, how could you think I could kill her? That's why the feds came to talk to me, you're being watched Barrasse, you're being investigated, there's no evidence. You're going down, you're evil, you're going down," said Williams.

Williams, 25, is now a convicted murderer.

In court, before handing down the guilty verdict, Judge Barrasse told Williams there were still many unanswered questions concerning three-year-old Kavannah Salvador's past injuries.

Barrasse also said it wasn't clear who would have wanted to kill her, referring to the little girl's mother, Kasheema Reddish who Williams accused of killing Kavannah.

What was clear, said the judge, were Kavannah's injuries.

The medical examiner's testimony that the blow to her head killed her almost instantly could not be disputed. The judge said because Williams also admitted to having exclusive custody that day, he was guilty of murder.

Williams stood up and told the judge he didn't know how he could convict him. He said he loved Kavannah Salvador, he never touched her and would never hurt her.

Williams apologized to Kavannah's grandmother, Brenda Reddish, for her loss, but said this was not his fault. She said the verdict was exactly what she was hoping for. "I'm very pleased. I'm very happy about the outcome. Thank you," said Brenda Reddish.

Still, William's family and attorney defended him.

"They're liars. Justice will be served. That's pretty much it, they're liars, he's innocent, and that's that," said Shadora Thomas, Darak Williams' sister.

"It's unfortunate that somehow the wrong person may have been charged with murder in the first degree because we thought the mother had motivation more than anyone else," said Carlos Mattier, Williams' attorney.

For the district attorney and his team, it was the only decision to be made.

"You got a sense today, unfortunately, of what Kavannah experienced on the 21st of February. The rage you saw in him, one can only imagine what she experienced that day," Assistant District Attorney Gene Talerico. "Today, there is justice for Kavannah. We were honored to fight for her, and we're pleased with the verdict."

Williams was sentenced to life in prison. His attorney said they plan to appeal.

(Newswatch 16 wants to make a clarification about Darak Williams and his outburst in the courtroom. The statements attributed to Williams are merely his opinion and have no necessary basis in fact. Williams spoke for several minutes and these were just some of the many allegations he made against Judge Barrasse during his statement.)


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