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Truck Driver Arrested For D.C. Threats | News

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Truck Driver Arrested For D.C. Threats

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Police believe a man from Luzerne County is responsible for a bomb threat that shut down traffic around The White House Wednesday morning.

Police in the nation’s capital say a man walked up to the White House gates around 5 a.m. Wednesday and told a Secret Service agent a bomb was about to go off in a truck parked nearby.

Investigators say it was a hoax, and arrested the man.

Police and secret service agents swarmed the streets outside of the White House early Wednesday. Investigators say a truck driver threatened to detonate a bomb inside his rig parked not far from the White House.

That man was arrested and identified by the Secret Service as Krzysztof Wasik, 44, of Hazle Township.

His home and independent trucking company are listed on Goshen Avenue in Hazle Township. A woman who answered the front door said she is married to Wasik and claims they recently separated. She believes he likely stopped taking medications for a mental illness.

“Yesterday, actually he looked a lot worse. I never actually saw him like that, in that kind of a mood. Usually he`s quiet. Yesterday he was actually walking around grabbing things for no reason, papers, napkins,” said Adam Swieciaszek of Scranton

Swieciaszek works with Wasik  as a contractor for Kane Trucking in Scranton. He says he and Wasik were both assigned to the same route for a delivery to Virginia Tuesday night but Wasik refused to follow him. Swieciaszek didn’t hear about the bomb threat until another trucker for Kane told him to turn on the TV this morning.

“I actually thought the truck broke down. He`s at work every day, he works really hard, he`s actually a really nice guy if you get to know him. So, very surprised.”

Neighbors who say they’ve known Wasik for years in the Chapel Hill Estates development   say he’s a religious man and a good father of two teenagers.

“Nothing out of the ordinary at all. No warning at all,” said Leonna Seginak of Hazle Township.

A federal criminal complaint says Wasik was upset over trucking regulations and told an agent  he had explosives in the cab of his truck. According to the Secret Service, wasik said, “don`t touch the keys in the ignition or else something bad will happen. I don`t care if children or veterans are harmed by the bomb. I only care about speaking to the President.”

No explosives were found in the tractor trailer cab and no one was hurt during the scare.

If Wasik is found guilty of the threats charge, he could spend several years in a federal prison.


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