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No More Mold Problem At Prescott Elementary | News

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No More Mold Problem At Prescott Elementary

SCRANTON — It was the first day of school for students in the Scranton School District and hopefully the last day some parents need to worry about mold in their children’s school.

The first day of school at Scranton’s Prescott Elementary came with more than more than just than the typical nerves and anticipation. This first day ends years of back and forth about the future of the school.

When officials found evidence of mold in the 55-year-old building last school year, they opted to repair it instead of getting rid of the school.

Now, parents hope the repairs pass the test.

“Because you heard all the bad things about the mold and the air testing but it seems that they have it under control so I hope it works out,” said Steve Teaman.

It was a long summer break for students and parents at Prescott Elementary. Administrators decided to end last school year in the middle of May in order to get all the construction done.

Principal Albert O’Donnell says the district spent about $200,000 putting new walls in the problem areas, like the basement cafeteria, then replacing the school’s bathrooms and a few closets.

“It was very stressful. If you came in here in June and July you wouldn’t be able to walk down the halls because we have rooms emptied into the hallways and things like that. And there was a little bit of a dust, a lot of dust, but we got everything done and it was brand new and perfect for the first day of school today,” O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell says Prescott’s mold problems are in the past. He supported the renovation project because Prescott is the only school in Scranton’s hill section. Parents, too, wanted to preserve their neighborhood school.

“For me, yes, because we live right down the block so this is obviously really convenient,” said Nicole Krukowski Smith.

Parents we spoke to say they’re happy the mold problem is behind them, and they’re ready to start the year off worry free. Only 179 days to go.


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