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Man Shot to Death in Scranton Bar | News

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Man Shot to Death in Scranton Bar

A bar in south Scranton is closed for health and safety violations, not because a deadly shooting that happened at the bar Monday night.

Authorities, however, are talking about going to court to get the place closed for good.

The condemned sign on the front door of Finn McCool's on Cedar Avenue was put up after Monday night's deadly shooting there.

The sign is up because the owner has to clean up what was left of the messy crime scene and because of some safety problems there.

Once the clean-up is done the bar could reopen, but not if the the city has anything to say about it.

Scranton police said around 11:30 p.m. Monday they were called to Finn McCool's for a shooting.

Police said Malik Carter, 28, of Harrisburg was shot in the head near the bar's bathroom.

Investigators believe there were about a dozen people inside the bar when the gun shot was fired, but when police arrived many had already left.

Police reports show this is by far not the first incident of violence at McCool's.

An Action 16 investigation showed nearly 150 police calls there in the last year and a half, including a stabbing inside the bar last week in which at least two men were injured.

Neighbors said they want the problem bar closed for good.

"They keep saying the neighbors have to complain, well I'll tell you, the neighbors have complained. I don't know if we're not complaining the right way because now I'm hearing we should have done it in writing," said neighbor Jim Nolan.

City officials said the condemned sign on the door only means the bar is closed temporarily.

Once the owner cleans up what's left of the crime scene and addresses other safety violations, it could reopen.

"We have asked the owner to voluntarily close this establishment at this point, to be a good neighbor, to do that, because it's obvious for whatever reason this has become a hot bed of criminal activity," said Assistant District Attorney Gene Talerico.

So far, owner Michael Verrastro has refused to close the bar. Scranton's mayor, along with the district attorney's office, said they will now try to use the city's nuisance law to make sure it's really last call for Finn McCool's.

Attempts to contact Verrastro were unsuccessful.


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