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Police Officer in Court on Assault, Harassment Charges | News

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Police Officer in Court on Assault, Harassment Charges

A Scranton police officer accused of starting a bar fight last month faced his accusers Tuesday in court.

Scranton Police Officer Mark Miller, 32, was in court along with three other men accused of being involved in that fight at the V Spot Club in Scranton.

Today, three witnesses took the stand and said Miller made threats and shoved a woman right before the brawl.

Miller, along with his friends Sean Manley, Chris Kahanic and Brian Gannon are facing several charges stemming from a bar fight last month at the V Spot in Scranton.

In court, the club's bouncer, Matt Sobieski, said all the men came into the bar "visibly intoxicated," and said he told the men to leave because one had an open container and another was not dressed to code.

He said that's when Miller told him they were cops and flashed his badge.

A little later, the bouncer said he saw a fight break out.

Sobieski said he came out and told everyone to leave, and that's when Officer Miller told him, "I'll get you for this. I'll kill you! I'll make your life a living hell!"

Another witness, Michelle Smolkas, testified Officer Miller was being aggressive and trying to fight her cousin. She said Miller also shoved her twice.

Smolkas' cousin, Robert Ruddy said Miller was aggressive and yelling at him, he then shoved his cousin. That's when Ruddy pushed Miller and a fight ensued, but Ruddy could not say for sure if Miller was the one that hit him. He just knows Manley hit him in the face.

"They said I was lying, and I was making threats and they didn't hear anything but they heard all this other stuff. It's ridiculous," Sobieski said.

"Officer Miller is a good person and a good policeman. We believe after a thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances of this case he will be fully exonerated and returned to active duty as a police officer," said Miller's attorney Jason Shrive.

Surveillance video showing the fight was also shown in court.

The judge said he wants to review that tape before deciding whether to send the case to trial.


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