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Springtime/Easter Planter

Creative garden designer Keith Phelps makes a lovely Easter planter, perfect for any springtime occasion.

Authentic Italian Easter Dinner

Treat yourself to an authentic Italian Easter dinner at A Little Pizza Heaven in Scranton.  Chef Darryl prepares Pastid and Manicotti.

Pastid (Macaroni Pie)
1. ..cook one pound linguine al dente,  drain reserving 1 cup pasta water.
2…add 1 tablespoon of Shortening to pasta to melt
3…beat 1 dozen eggs well, add 1 1/2 heaping cups of Pecorino and 1 tsp coarse black pepper.
4…mix eggs, cheese and pasta water with pasta.
5….pour mixture into well-greased 9×13 pan
6…bake one hour uncovered at 350 degrees


SWB RailRiders v. LHV Iron Pigs

WNEP Pennsylvania Outdoor Life night at PNC Field and Duck Dynasty’s Mountain Man in the house! The RailRiders, of course, wearing their best camo for tonight’s game!

Pitching dominated as Lehigh Valley won 5-2 in 11 innings.  The teams meet again Saturday night at 7pm.

Last Minute Easter Errands

LACKAWANNA COUNTY—The parking lot is packed at Schiff’s in Dickson City.

“Lot of running around to all the different stores today, so and it’s hectic wherever you go,” said Mary Anne Bordo, who was out with family running last minute Easter errands.

Inside Schiff’s, people shopped for Easter staples.

The staff was busy, taking orders, restocking and ringing up purchases.

“Ham, kielbasa, sausage and whatever did we get. Provolone cheese, you name it. Stuffed shells, chicken cutlets,” said Bordo.

A flower tent in Dickson City has been busy all week as people scooped up colorful blooms for Easter.

“We’re picking up flowers for my grandma and we’re picking up flowers also for my nana in Long Island,” said Alexandra Bell of Dickson City.

Dog Owner’s Tweet Leads to Special Delivery for His Pooch

special_deliveryBLAKELY — If you have ever wondered if anyone reads your tweets, this is proof enough.

Last month, Matt Horn of Blakely tweeted a seemingly mundane comment on Twitter about his dog and delivery people.

The message read, “My dog hates every delivery man except the DHL guy for some reason.”

Well, DHL noticed the tweet and it paid off, at least for Matt’s four-legged friend Jester.

Good Friday Fish Frenzy in Jermyn

JERMYN — A Good Friday fish fry in Lackawanna County has become so popular that some wait for more than an hour for a piece of fried fish. And some are willing to hide from their bosses just to be there.

When the Newswatch 16 cameras show up to the Artisan Hose Company Good Friday fish dinner in Jermyn, quite a few faces hide from view for fear their husbands, wives, or bosses will find out where they were for lunch.

Especially if they don’t bring home any fish to share.

One volunteer hid behind an unusually large raffle basket in hopes she won’t run into her boss.

“Yes, most definitely, there’s a few of us today that didn’t go to work. You know, took a vacation day or whatever to help out, help out the community,” she said.

Volunteers from the Artisan Hose Company put in a full week’s work prepping the fish before they start frying on Good Friday.

Road Work Planned for Route 407

An alert for driver’s in part of Lackawanna County.

PennDOT wants people to know that starting next week work is scheduled on Route 407 from the junction with Routes 6 & 11 in South Abington Township, up to Venard Road.

PennDOT plans to have one lane open during the work.

“They’re taking out the old road and paving it in four sections. The first section will take about a week and that’s right here at rt. 6 and 11 to about where the CVS is up on Venard Road, up that way,” said James May with PennDOT.

Work is scheduled to start on Tuesday.